Light Therapy

Polychromatic Light Therapy

(also known as Photobiomodulation) 

is a non-invasive therapy that uses

infrared, red & blue light with carefully timed pulses 

to increase circulation, 

decrease pain & stimulates cellular repair.  



Photopuncture is the use of light to balance

the energy in the electrical meridians

of the body. It quickly and easily locates

areas of hidden pain and imbalance.

Photopuncture can be best described as the

Power of Acupuncture with the Healing of Light.

Over a hundred years of scientific research

has demonstrated that the

Benefits of Light Therapy Include:

Decreasing Pain 

Back, neck, joint, knee, shoulder, fibromyalgia,

sciatica, and much, much more.

Reducing Inflammation, 
Swelling & Edema
Reducing pressure on nerves.
Improving Sensation
Peripheral neuropathy
Anti-Aging & Health

Supporting healthy, vibrant skin & combats

skin conditions. 

Optimize Brain Health
Ease depression & anxiety, PTSD, improve sleep
quality, helps heal brain injuries & concussions.

Reducing Stress

Helps re-balance the nervous system.

Relaxing Muscles

Decreasing tension & spasms.

Accelerate Healing

Enhancing Nerve Transmission

Lowering Blood Pressure

Boosting Detoxification &

Immune Function

Helping to Balance


Increasing Range of Motion

Improving Oral Health

Allergy Relief

Relieving Digestive Issues